The Group

Company Profile

The group of companies comprising of Snehraj Notebook Industries and Sunil Traders, forms an integral part of a dream which was realized by the founders of the companies, Late Shree Rajnikanth Sheth.

Sunil Traders was established in 1962 to manufacture Exercise Notebook, Answer Book and Diwali Sahitya. The company was established with 100MT per Year. At present the company utilizes different Machinery combine making a capacity of 2000MT per Annam.

The production Capacity of the company in respect to paper from 100 MT per annum in 1962 to 2000 MT per annum in 2012. Snehraj Notebook Industries started with producing only Exercise Notebook and at present has added Office Stationery to its product line.

Established in 1962, Sunil Traders considerably expanded the company's activities in the field of Quality and Brand base Products.

A further expansion was undertaken in 2009, when Snehraj Notebook Industries was established. This was done as to introduce a diversification in the unit process from quantity base production to Quality base products. Ever since its inception, the company was able to match the national and international standards and has attained a production capacity of 1,200TN per annum in the current year.

The Paper division of the group which altogether employees more than 30 people is all set to consolidate its position as a manufacturer of Exercise Notebook, Office Stationery & Diwali Sahitya by bringing within its scope new products. The competitiveness of the products lies in the in-house development of the processes and their customized production in bulk, to meet the stringent standards of the customer requirement. The strength of the group is founded on sound business ethics, a competent team of professional and a commitment to quality and delivery schedules.

We strive to achieve the best quality at the most competitive rate.