Saddle stitch binding (Centre Pinning Binding)

Saddle stitch binding is the best way to bind books because of its simplicity and economical method. This is a common type of book binding, and one that you will see this type of binding every day. The pages are joined together and are stapled in the middle to hold them together. A book stapled at the center two or three times is nothing but saddle stitched. The saddle refers to the center of the folded papers where it is stapled, which is why saddle stitch binding is one of the most common,popular method of book binding. A long arm stapler is enough to start saddle stitching your books.

Central Thread Sewing

Case binding is used in hardcover books which are commonly seen binding. The spine of the book is sewn and glued. It is a great way to protect books and help them to last much longer. You can see hardcover book binding in encyclopedias, thick books, diaries, and many other books. In hardcover books, a thick cover is attached with the help of special glue. The different steps involved are making signatures, poking holes in the signatures, sewing (probably the hardest part of this style of book binding), making the cover, and finally attaching the cover to the stack of signatures. The result of this style of binding is well worth the effort, as the final product is beautiful and will protect your notes and projects.

Edge Squaring Process

For Finishing of Centre stitched Books & Saddle stich Exercise Note Books with perfectly square shape of spine. Due to edge squaring process, Opening of the books is flat without any damage to spine.